The Intriguing Hongan-ji Temple and its Ropes of Hair

Hongan-ji (本願寺 ), or Temple of the Primal Vow, is the main school of Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism. Also on the site lies the Otani Mausoleum, where Shinran, the founder of Jōdo Shinshū, was buried. It is one of the places that shows us the culture and history of Japan. Hongan-ji Temple also has an intriguing gem of an oddity […]

Weird Wonders Only in Japan!

Japan is an amazing place to visit. The country is known as a leading nation in many breakthrough advances in scientific research, particularly in the fields of engineering and natural sciences. Japanese electronics and automotive manufacturing industries account for a large share of the global market.  Also, Japan as a nation has received the highest number of Nobel […]

Unravelling the Takenouchi Documents

Japanese people follow predominantly the Shinto and Buddism religions. Shinto is the ethnic religion of Japan, focusing on traditional ritual practices and multiple gods. Buddhism on the other hand, was introduced to Japan by five Chinese monks from Gandhara (an ancient kingdom extending to the Swat valley and Potohar plateau regions of Pakistan and the Jalalabad district of north eastern […]

Beppu’s Bloody Hell Pond

Japan is an island nation rich in natural hot springs, or onsen. Thousands of onsens all over the country serve as public bathing areas for anyone wanting to experience a must-try aspect of Japanese culture. Chinoike Jigoku. | Elvin Beppu city in Ōita Prefecture is strategically nestled between the sea and mountains, making it a popular spot for […]

More Incredible Japanese Bridges

The ancient Romans are considered the greatest bridge builders of antiquity. They built arch bridges and aqueducts that could withstand the harshest of conditions, with some still standing today. One such example is the Alcántara Bridge on the river Targus, in Spain. Over time, bridges became even more important in connecting lands separated by water. […]

Fun Filled Summer in Japan!

Summer in Japan is steaming hot with fun and excitement. The summer months are filled with festivals (matsuri) and it’s not difficult to get caught up in the revelry.  Cities and towns all across the country have some form of summer festival to look forward to. The streets come alive with extravagant floats, fireworks, food […]

Japanese Monks Being Mummified While Alive!

Sokushinbutsu is the process of self-mummification that begins while the person is still alive. It was a practice observed by monks who were mostly members of the Shingon sect of the Japanese Vajrayāna (one of three routes to enlightenment, the other two being Hīnayāna and Mahāyāna) school of Buddhism.  It is believed that hundreds of monks […]

The Astonishing Ōyu Stone Circles

Every country has its own historical treasures that leave us agape with wonder. These historical sites were built by ancient civilizations in every part of the world.  Some historic marvels include the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, also known as Lost City of the Incas, in Peru. It lies on top of a mountain that’s only […]

Japanese Superstition and Pets in Japan

Dogs and cats are wonderful, faithful, and loyal companions. As the saying goes, “pets and dogs repay the love you give them ten-fold.” The unconditional love we receive from our canine or feline companions is irreplaceable. Pets are considered valued members of the family all around the world, including Japan. Japanese superstitions are deeply rooted in […]

Scholarships and Grants for Your Study in Japan Experience!

Dreaming of studying abroad but don’t have the means to support your wish? Check out some of the government scholarships and grants that may be available to you. Scholarships for study abroad may be awarded on the basis of personal attributes (ethnic or religious background, parents’ field of employment, children of veterans, descendants of immigrants […]