Must See Places in Tokyo!

Tokyo is the bustling capital of Japan. It embodies the rich history, culture, and traditions and the awe inspiring progress of Japan and its people throughout the centuries.  If you’re only there for a short visit or when you are trying to squeeze in some relaxation in your busy schedule and Tokyo is your only destination, […]

Tips on Emphasizing Your KCP Experience in Your Resume

Your Japanese language immersion experience with KCP is an impressive element of your resume. It’s not just the Japanese language that you may have learned while in Japan. Living in another country can give you a wealth of worldliness. You can come back home bringing with you newfound insights, you may see things from a different […]

Wrapping with Fukusa

Giving gifts is a common Japanese custom.  Different types of gifts are given depending on the occasion. A lot of attention is also given to the wrapping of presents. Fukusa is a Japanese textile used for gift-wrapping and also used in Japanese tea ceremony. Fukusa in a Japanese tea ceremony can refer to several types […]

Oishi Hambagu!

Hambagu (ハンバーグ), or Japanese hamburger steak, is a popular dish in Japan. It is a fusion food of Japanese and Western cooking techniques. Hambagu is similar to a Western burger, although it is most often served with rice. Ingredients are also different, making the hambagu unique with its own Asian twist.  The usual ingredients include a mixture […]

Exciting Places to See in Tokyo for FREE!

Tokyo is one of the most exciting (and expensive) cities in the world. It is also Japan’s capital city and the most populous metropolis on Earth. Tokyo, formerly known as Edo, was a small castle town during the 16th century. When Tokugawa Ieyasu established his feudal government in Edo, it quickly became the one of […]

KCP Fall 2016 Students at Edo-Tokyo Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is situated in the heart of the bustling city of Tokyo. It gives visitors a glimpse of early life in the ancient city and envisions what the future has in store for the modern metropolis. The museum opened its doors in 1993 in a one-of-a-kind building modeled after an elevated-floor warehouse. It is a popular […]

KCP Fall 2016 Students in Cooking Class!

One of the most popular dishes in Japan is hambagu (ハンバーグ), or Japanese hamburger steak. It’s a  quick, delicious, and easy meal to prepare at home and is even readily available at many Yoshoku (Western Japanese) restaurants. It is similar to a Western burger, although it is most often served with rice. Ingredients are also different, […]

Countdown to KCP’s Fall Extended 2017 Application Deadline

Majoring in Japanese? Graduating this spring? Read on! KCP’s Fall Extended 2017 term application deadline is on February 8 and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Here are some highlights of the Fall Extended Program: You get to spend more time in Japan than when in a regular semester program Earn over 2 years of Japanese […]

KCP Fall 2016 Students Visit Yamanashi

Yamanashi is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan. It is landlocked, making it easy to reach via train from Tokyo. Yamanshi Prefecture prides itself on its fertile central valley, the Kōfu Basin, with the prefecture’s capital being the city of Kōfu. Surrounded by many of the highest mountains in Japan, it offers some […]

Elegant Japanese Craftsmanship

Japanese craft (工芸 kōgei) has a long and proud tradition and  includes hand crafts made by an individual or a group. The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Japan has stated that crafts (工芸技術 Kōgei Gijutsu), are divided into eight categories: papermaking, woodworking, dollmaking, metalworking, lacquerware, textiles, pottery, and other. The categories are further subdivided into more […]