KCP Summer 2016 Students Experience Japanese Tea Ceremony


Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially processed and grown green tea. Matcha was developed by a Chinese monk from the tea plant camellia sinensis. It is a popular flavor in Japan and is used in traditional Japanese cuisine, drinks, and snacks. Matcha is also used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony that centers on the preparing, serving, […]

More of Japan’s Traditional Foods to Enjoy


Traditional Japanese cuisine uses staple foods available in the region. For thousands of years, Japanese food has had strong influences from Korea and China. It was only in the last few hundred years that foreign trade and religion made an impact on traditional Japanese fare and developed it to what we now know it to be. Sampling […]

KCP Summer Short-term 2016 Welcome Party at Ikebukuro Dorm


Ikebukuro (池袋) is one of Tokyo’s exciting centers conveniently located at the northwestern corner of the Yamanote loop line that connects Tokyo’s major city centers. Ikebukuro Station is an important commuter hub that intersects three other subways and multiple urban and suburban train lines, making it the second busiest railway station (surpassed only by Shinjuku Station). […]

Historical Sites: Bank of Japan


The roots of monetary currency began before the 8th century in Japan and took the form of arrowheads, gold powder, and rice grains. Japanese coinage was inspired by the Chinese Tang coinage, Kaigentsūhō (Kai Yuan Tong Bao in Chinese). The first Japanese formal currency system was Kōchōsen (“Imperial currency”). The Wadōkaichin, or Wadō-kaihō, is the oldest official Japanese coinage […]

KCP Summer-Short Term 2016 Students Visit TEPIA Museum


Japan is a pioneer intechnological advancement especially in robotics, computer, and video games, as well as in the field of communications. Recently, KCP’s Summer-short term students visited TEPIA (Association for Technological Excellence Promoting Innovative Advances) Museum where they had loads of fun while learning more about the exhibits. TEPIA Science Museum is conveniently located in Tokyo’s Aoyama district. It […]

Notable Women in Japan’s History


Since World War II, Japanese women have been awarded rights equal to men. Many Japanese women are remembered throughout history for their contributions in different fields such as the arts, science, politics, and social awareness. Here are some of the Japanese women who have helped shape history: Akiko Yosano (7 December 1878 – 29 May 1942) – Akiko […]

Famous Japanese Sculptors


Japanese sculpture epitomizes the long history and culture of Japan.  Many modern day artists make use of natural objects of stone, wood, bamboo, and even paper to express their art. Early Japanese sculptures started from clay figures. The craft was influenced by the Silk Road culture in the 5th century and by Chinese sculpture. Western influence on Japanese sculpture […]

Delicious Japanese Summer Desserts


Summer in Japan is full of excitement: it is a season of fireworks and festivals all around the country.  Almost every night, firework displays color the evening skies. Around Tokyo, there are also several summer purification rites to participate in. Summer in Japan can also bring on the heat. Here are some delicious Japanese summer desserts […]

The Stunning Yoshinogari Site


Kanzaki  is a thriving, modern city in Saga Prefecture, Japan.  The city was established only recently on January 1, 2007, from the merger of the towns of Kanzaki, Chiyoda, and the village of Sefuri. Yoshinogari (吉野ヶ里 遺跡),  or Yoshinogari Iseki, is a complex in Yayoi archeological site in Kanzaki and Yoshinogari. The site dates back to […]