KCP Winter 2016 Students Explore Kamakura


Kamakura, one of Japan’s most popular destinations, has many historical Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, some of which are over a thousand years old. The Great Buddha of Kamakura located in Kōtoku-in (a Buddhist temple of the Jōdo-shū sect), Kamakura City, is one of the famous attractions that draws visitors every year. The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a bronze statue of […]

Ukai: A Traditional Japanese Way of Fishing


Ukai or cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method using trained cormorants (from the family of Phalacrocoracidae consisting of about 40 kinds of species of aquatic birds) to fish in rivers. Fishermen tie a snare by the base of the bird’s throat, preventing them from swallowing the bigger fish they catch. The smaller fish can […]

Exciting Gifu


Gifu City, located in the southern central portion of Gifu Prefecture in Japan, is also the prefecture’s capital.  Many interesting cultural and historical sites are found in Gifu, making it a favorite tourist destination. Two major rail lines connect the city to Japan’s national and international transportation infrastructures which allow visitors easy access to Gifu. There’s JR […]

Delectable Karaage


Karaage chicken is popularly known as Japan’s version of fried chicken. What makes it different from other types of fried chicken is its size and seasoning. Chicken karaage is often served in boneless bite-sized pieces and is specially seasoned with a mouth-watering mix of popular Asian flavors such as ginger and sesame. Karaage is a Japanese […]

Explore the Exciting World of Japanese Robotics


The biannual International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo is a thrilling event that showcases futuristic machines and realistic androids exhibiting a number of noteworthy advantages. The December 2015 exhibition focused on disaster relief to help aid Japan and its people in times of natural calamities. The world of robotics has long been a subject of fascination for […]

The Secrets to Japanese Longevity


Japan is a country whose citizens live a long, full, and healthy life. In the World Health Statistics 2015 announced by the World Health Organization (WHO), Japan has the longest average lifespan in the entire world! Compared to other countries, the average lifespan of Japanese men and women combined is 84 years, Americans’ average is 79 […]

Sakura Viewing and Hanami Parties


Spring has officially begun, which means sakura (cherry blossoms) will be in full bloom. Sakura is an iconic symbol of Japanese culture and history.  Thousands of people, locals and visitors from all around the world, flock to see the beauty of the flowers in full bloom which last for only a few days. Sakura flowers have a deep connection […]

Feel the Heat of Wasabi


Wasabi is a popular Japanese condiment similar to horseradish, most commonly used when eating sashimi and sushi. It has a unique sharp taste: you can feel your sinuses clear immediately after consuming it. Wasabi is widely served in Japan and the rest of world is fast getting to appreciate its addictive flavor. Wasabi (わさび(山葵), a […]

Favorite Anime Characters


Anime is considered a diverse art form using distinct techniques in the production process that continue to evolve with new technologies. Here are just some of the favorite anime characters of all time. Shinji Ikari The Shinji Ikari character is a young boy who first appeared in Gainax Co., Ltd.’s Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1995. He was asked […]

Japan’s Rabbit Island of Ōkunoshima


There’s a tiny island called Ōkunoshima in the Inland Sea of Japan, in the city of Takehara in Hiroshima Prefecture. It could be just any small island out of Japan’s 6,852 islands. What makes Ōkunoshima different is that it is also known as Usagi Jima (うさぎ島) or Rabbit Island because of the unbelievable number of feral rabbits that […]